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Their are many reasons you or your loved one may be experiencing cognitive changes, including, but not limited to: recovery from a traumatic brain injury (TBI), stroke, or a diagnosis of dementia or Parkinson's disease. Cognitive changes can affect a person’s memory, problem-solving skills, work performance, personal relationships & functioning within daily life.
At Neurogenic Communication & Swallowing Solutions, we work with adults to address these cognitive-communication challenges by providing specialized & individualized therapy. We often begin with an evaluation to understand our patient's abilities & challenges. We will then develop a treatment plan based on the severity of the challenges & individual person/family needs & goals. Whether we are working to regain skills or develop compensatory strategies, every session is designed to increase independence and quality of life.
Caregivers & family members are invited to join our sessions to learn how to provide opportunities for practice outside of therapy. We will dedicate time to making sure you and your loved ones are comfortable & have answers & information you need.

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